The Groffdale Hoovers

Haplogroup: R-M512 also identified as M198 or R-1a1a

Hans Huber, Groffdale

Hans and Margaretha Huber await the Lord’s call at the Groffdale burial ground in Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA.

Hans Huber (1670-1750) with his wife Margaretha Koch arrived in Pennsylvania at the same time as the Byerland Hubers along the Pequea Creek. Since his son, Jacob the younger, owned a farm and mill along the Pequea, between the farms of Jacob Huber the older, and his brother Heinrich Huber, it seems totally probable that all of these Hubers were brothers or first cousins. When Hans Graf of the Pequea settlement lost his horses and rediscovered them at what is now the Groffdale area, north-west of New Holland, it appears Hans and Margaretha Huber must have taken the opportunity and claimed land there as well in what is now Earl Township, Lancaster County.

Further DNA testing on the family of Hans and Margaretha (Koch) Huber has clearly establish the link between the Groffdale and Byerland Hubers / Hoovers. We are definitely of the same family, but we have not established exactly when or where our common ancestor lived. No doubt in the German Kraichgau of Baden.

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