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For many years all European and North American members of our Huber / Hoover families used calculated guesses to decide who came from where, who was related to whom, and how it all fitted together. As a result of this, a stream of confusing, and often contradictory, information has been produced over the last 150 years. Good news, however, has finally come!

Gradually, as more and more Huber / Hoover descendants take DNA tests, the fog is clearing and hard facts have come to the light. Not all Hoovers are related to President Herbert Hoover! Neither did they all come from Zürich, or from the Aargau or Bavaria.

This project invites you to learn more about Huber / Hoover connections, how they do or do not fit together, and how various branches of our family can be connected to published histories, genealogical information and on-line groups that describe what happened with our particular Swiss-German branch within the infinitely greater picture of what God has been doing in Central Europe, America, and around the world during the centuries.

Have you tested your own DNA? If so, would you like to connect with others who share your DNA markers? Or, if you have information to provide on any of the Huber / Hoover families described below, please write to peterhoover.tas (at) gmail.com

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Peter Hoover

Hubers from the Zürcher Weinland

Haplogroup: I-M223 also identified as I-BY3760 or I-P214+ or I-P53_3 or I-P78. Our family name “Huber” first appeared in written records during the Zürcher Weinland, a fertile lowland area between the Zürcher Oberland and the Rhein. Hans Huber of Embrach . . . Read more.

Hubers from the Züricher Säuliamt

Haplogroup: J-M172 In 1344 Ulrich der Huber von Engstringen and his family lived along the Limmat, north-west of Zürich. His family spread southward . . . Read more.

Hubers from the Zürcher Chälbeamt

(?) Haplogroup: R-M512 also identified as M198 or R-1a1a. In the late 1300s Hans Huber and his family lived at the Chalbisau farm cluster near Hirzel in the so called Chälbeamt (Little Calf District) of Zürich. Their family grew . . . Read more.

The Byerland Hubers / Hoovers

Haplogroup: R-M512 also identified as M198 or R-1a1a. Descendants of the Byerland Mennonite Hubers / Hoovers included Jacob and Barbara (Schenk) Hoover who settled in Rainham Township, Upper Canada, in the 1790s, John and Maria Hoover who settled at Ringgold, Maryland, Abraham and Christina (Martin) Hoover of Elkhard, Indiana . . . Read more.

The Groffdale Hoovers

Haplogroup: R-M512 also identified as M198 or R-1a1a. Haplogroup: R-M512 also identified as M198 or R-1a1a. Hans Huber (1670-1750) with his wife Margaretha Koch arrived in Pennsylvania at the same time as the Byerland Hubers . . . Read more.

The Indiana Hoovers

Haplogroup: R-M512 also identified as M198 or R-1a1a. Abraham and Christina (Martin) Hoover from York County, Pennsylvania, settled as pioneers in Elkhart County, Indiana in . . .  Read more.

The Ohio Hoovers

Haplogroup: R-M269. Jacob Huber from Lancaster County, PA, moved to Stark County, Ohio, after 1812. He was a Lutheran and a veteran of the War of 1812. His son, John moved on to Clinton County, Ohio. . . . Read more.

Hoovers of Dauphin County, PA

Haplogroup: R-M269. In 1749 Johannes Huber, a single man from Germany, arrived at Philadelphia, PA. Then he married a girl called Catherine and settled in East Hanover Township, Dauphin County, PA. Both of them became members of the Big Swatara German Baptist congregation. Their descendant, James M. Hoover, served as a missionary in Sibu, Malaysia. . . . Read more.

Hans Jörg Huber, Dauphin County, PA

Haplogroup: currently unknown. Hans Jörg Huber (ca 1691-1747) and his wife Anna Catherina Hillesheim, immigrants from Germany, settled just south of what is now the city of Hershey in Derry Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania . . . Read more.

The Ludwig Huber Family

Haplogroup: J-M172. Coming from Ittlingen in Baden, Germany, Ludwig Huber with his father Hans Jacob and his brother arrived in Philadelphia on the 8th August 1764. A Lutheran, he married Maria Graf, of the Seventh Day German Baptist community in Ephrata, Pennsylvania . . . Read more.

The Hubers from Ellerstadt in the Kuhrpfalz

Haplogroup: I-M170 also identified as I-P214+, I-M223-, and I-BY3760. Gregor Johannes Huber (1668 – 1741) with his wife Anna Maria Hartmann reportedly left Oberkulm in the Swiss Aargau to settle in the village of Ellerstadt,  Kreis Bad Dürkheim, in the German Kuhrpfalz during the early 1700s. Their young son, Andreas . . . Read more.

The Goshenhoppen and Great Swamp Hubers

Haplogroup: currently unknown. Valentin Huber (1731-1810) with his wife Anna Barbara and their family lived in Lehigh County, PA. Their son John Huber and grandson Jacob Huber settled in Fairfield County, Ohio. In this area their descendants joined the Mennonite Church and moved to Elida, Ohio . . . Read more.

Family Tree DNA Hoover Connections

To learn more about what other Huber / Huber descendants have discovered about themselves and others, you may wish to study this information:

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