Hubers from Ellerstadt in the Kuhrpfalz

Haplogroup: I-M170 also identified as I-P214+, I-M223-, and I-BY3760.

Gregor Johannes Huber (1668 – 1741) with his wife Anna Maria Hartmann reportedly left Oberkulm in the Swiss Aargau to settle in the village of Ellerstadt,  Kreis Bad Dürkheim, in the German Kuhrpfalz during the early 1700s. Their young son, Andreas, travelled with relatives and friends to Pennsylvania in the 1738 where he married Margaretha Pfauz.

From Pennsylvania Andreas and Margaretha Huber moved on to Maryland and North Carolina, while their descendants spread even further afield into Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and beyond. These Hubers, upon arrival in America, belonged to Reformed or Lutheran churches, but some of them soon joined the Dunkers (Church of the Brethren), the Quakers, the United Brethren and other denominations.

Herbert Hoover

Andrea and Margaretha (Pfauz) Huber’s son John married Sarah Burkhardt. Their son Jesse and Rebecca (Lowe) Hoover, members of a Quaker meeting, moved north to West Milton, Ohio. Their son Eli married Mary Davis, whose son Jesse Clark Hoover married Hulda Randall Minthorn, parents of Herbert Hoover, born in West Branch, Iowa, in 1874.

To read a much more involving account of this branch of the Hoover family, where they came from, how they lived and what they believed, click here. This report written by Dale Hoover of North Carolina and published here with his kind permission.

Andrew Hoover Odyssey

by Dale Hoover, North Carolina

Most families tell stories about the adventures of their parents. But not all write them down and the information is lost over the years. Many people keep pictures and letters they have received but these are often lost along the way through house fires that were more frequent in the days of kerosene lamps and stoves. My grandparents’ house burned to the ground on the farm in Spring Creek Township in 1934 . . . Read more.

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