Hubers from the Züricher Säuliamt

Haplogroup: J-M172

Jacob Huber farm, Mettmenstetten, ZH

In 1344 Ulrich der Huber von Engstringen and his family lived along the Limmat, north-west of Zürich. His family spread southward into Bonstetten, Vollenweid and Maschwanden, until members carrying the Huber name lived in Mettmenstetten, Rifferswil and Hausen am Albis (including Ebertswil and the Schweikhof) on land owned by the Cistercian brothers at Kappel—the so called Säuliamt (Little Pig District) of far south-western Zürich.

This Huber family grew rapidly. By the mid-1600s Paulus Huber lived at Unterrifferswil and his son Kasper moved from here to Ittlingen in the Kraichgau in Baden, Germany. This Reformed family became Lutheran in Baden and some of the next generation, including Johann Jacob and Barbara Huber, moved to Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s. Their son, Ludwig Huber married Margaretha Graf of the Ephrata Seventh Day Baptist community and settled in Londonderry Township, Dauphin County, PA.

The Daniel Hoover farm near Gormley, Upper Canada, 1905

From here, their sons moved north into Upper Canada, and later into Ohio and Indiana. They belonged to the Dunkers, River Brethren or Mennonites and their descendants included the River Brethren minister Christian Hoover of Heise Hill, Markham Township, Ontario, the Mennonite bishop Martin Hoover of Yellow Creek, Indiana, minister Anson Hoover of Shakespeare, Ontario, the Hoovers of Rocky Cape, Tasmania, and many more.

Possible link to this Hoover family, also members of the Big Swatara Dunker Congregation in Dauphin County, PA, are Abraham and Rebecca Hoover and George and Elizabeth (Duey) Hoover, grandparents of the missionary James M. Hoover of Sibu, Sarawak. Descendants of this family live in Washington State and California, today.

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