“One picture is worth a thousand words,” they say. And here, the Lord willing, these pictures may tell the story of the Rainham settlers, much better than what we can say or write. Paintings, photographs, and accompanying maps — may our Lord Jesus use them all as pointers to his everlasting Kingdom!

Das Vaterland

People and places of Zürich and Bern in Switzerland, Alsace in France, and Southern Germany (the Kurpfalz, including the province of Baden) where many of our families lived during the late 1600s and early 1700s.

A New World

Anabaptist homes and meetinghouses in the Franconia and Lancaster districts of Pennsylvania, and of the Washington-Franklin district of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Niagara District

The first Anabaptist settlement in Canada — the Niagara Peninsula. Including photos from the Mennonite, Tunker (Brethren in Christ) and Quaker settlement of what used to be Welland and Lincoln Counties — now the Regional Municipality of Niagara.

The Rainham Settlement

Photos of all kinds, old and new, of the people, their homes, and their work in the Rainham settlement — an area that also includes the adjacent counties of Walpole and South Cayuga.

Markham District

Photos of the Anabaptist movement north of Toronto (earlier

Grand River Valley


Further Afield . . .


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