Das Vaterland

Unterseiten, Hirzel, ZH — Home of Hans and Margarethe (Hochstrasser) Landis until 1614 when Hans was executed in Zürich, as a leader of the Anabaptist congregation in Hirzel.


Some Anabaptists living in the Kanton Zürich during the first 150 years of the movement came with the family names of Schneebeli, Beer (Baer), Weber, Buman (Baumann), Huber, Suter (Sauder), Wälti (Welty), Bosshard, Keller, Koch, Meier, Meili, Näf, Oberholzer, Schüssler, Albiser, Bachmann, Sigrist, Eschbach, Fischer, Hauser, Müller, Stämpfi, Rusterholz, Schellenberg, Weiss, Bucher, Hess, Frick, Stähli and others.

Husertal, Hausen am Albis — photo by John Showalter

The Grob family, for instance lived in the Husertal, just up from the Cistercian community at Kappel am Albis. Some of them joined the Anabaptist movement and found their way to North America where they write their name Grove. To see the entire collection.


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Die Elsass, die Kurpfalz und der Kraichgau

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