Rainham Section

Some of the Rainham Settlers and their descendants were writers, poets, artists of all kinds, and great correspondents. This collection of writings is a work in progress and more and more articles are to be added as time permits.

Find the articles listed by name, in alphabetical order.

Hoover, Anson (1920-2008)

Mennonite minister, farmer, husband of Sarah Martin. See his biography and writings.

Hoover, Jacob (1806-1872)

Mennonite deacon, farmer, husband of Elizabeth Brick. Read his letters.

Hoover, Lydia (1850-1940)

Writer and musician, later living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Read her letters.

Hoover, Menno (1889-1982)

Poet, story teller, and friend of many from far and near. Read his autobiography and poetry.

Hoover, Peter (1960-      )

Minister and writer. See books and articles.