Meetings in South Cayuga and Rainham

Herald of Truth, June 10, 1894

We again acknowledge Thy goodness, oh God, for permitting us to enjoy another great season of spiritual refreshing. We had the satisfaction of listening to Bro. Samuel F. Coffman’s able and very instructive sermons in South Cayuga and here in Rainham. During this time there was much said of the glory of God, His goodness toward His children, of the necessity of the young leaving their wicked ways, and serving the Lord. Four persons were willing to be released from the ties of Satan—to follow Christ. How noble a step, to walk in the way of the Lord. How many more were converted, and received the heavenly light, we leave all to Him who can see into the hearts of all men.

What a consolation, when people are instructed in honest Bible truth, and receive full light in many passages of Scripture, if they could just be courageous enough to live up to their knowledge. Knowing that the Lord will reward all the good we do, why not live acceptable in His sight? “Knowing it is high time to awake out of sleep” (Rom. 13:11). There never was a time when labourers were more needed than at the present day. People’s minds are so absorbed with pleasure that in many cases it requires a loud call to set them thinking of their course to ruin. We always feel very grateful to the Lord for sending us faithful workers. Our dear Bro. Coffman ((Bishop of the Niagara District of the Ontario Mennonite Conference. This district included the Rainham Conference.)) left for Virginia to see his father who is very ill. May the Lord bless him in all his afflictions and may they prove as blessings in disguise, remembering that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

Lydia Hoover