Anson Hoover (1920-2008)


1 Anson and Sarah Hoover

Anson and Sarah Hoover, Carthage, Ontario, ca 1995.

Anson Hoover, minister, church planter, farmer, was born 11 June 1920 in Hawkesville, Ontario, Canada, to Menno Hoover (8 July 1889-16 August 1982) and Leah (Martin) Hoover (30 April 1895-2 September 1974). He was the third child in a family of six sons and six daughters. On 29 February 1944, while Anson served on a farm deferment during World War II, he married Sarah Martin (14 December 1923- ), granddaughter of Bishop David W. Martin. Anson and Sarah had three sons and three daughters. Anson died on 13 October 2008 in Stratford, Ontario and was buried at the Bethel Conservative Mennonite Cemetery in Millbank, Ontario. Read more.



Family Information

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The Church — A City of Refuge

Anson Hoover, Carthage, Ontario, Canada, 2005. Serving for many years as a minister, first among the Orthodox Mennonites, later, among the Conservative Mennonite Church of Ontario, and the Mennonite Fellowship Churches, he carried with him a deep concern for the purity, holiness and Christlike example of the followers of Jesus. Not long before he died he published his vision for the Pure Church of Christ. Read this book.